Bug WFS 1.1.13

Hello. I found a bug in WFS version 1.1.13. If the Preview Image is empty (Default Image) then no WF picture is displayed, neither in the WFS or on the watch … You have to select a Custom Previw Image to get an image in WFS and on the watch. In version 1.1.9 that was not like that


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A restart of my iMac did not help.

A solution is … Open WFS and the WF with empty preview … Open Main Menu … File … Save. Close WFS. Preview picture is back. This bug is only available in the WFS and when the WF has been sent directly to the Watch. An empty preview image is not available when downloading the WF from the Google Playstore. Everything is okay here.

Sorry for my english! :see_no_evil:

No even if you download it from playstore it will give you empty preview as i went inside .aab file which was generated by WFS 1.1.13 and there i found preview image was empty

Okay … I had downloaded a WF from the Playstore and the preview was not empty. I test another!

Other WF from the Playstore and the preview is available.


It’s strange … Sometimes a preview image is displayed and sometimes not. e.g. I have an own preview image … in the AAB file it is also available, but the file is transferred directly from the WFS to the watch is the preview picture empty and it’s just to see watchhands.


Simply SAVE WF only in the new WFS version and everything will be displayed as before.

No unfortunately not! I have added a new color … saved and then sent to the watch. No preview image is displayed!

aab file unpacked

not on the watch


adding colors and saving afterwards did not work reliably with the predecessor. add a graphic, remove it again and then save. If necessary, restart WFS.

Project opened … Add new graphic … new graphic deleted … saved, WFS closed … restarted, send WF to Watch … Preview on Watch is empty, preview image in WFS shown

Maybe I’m too stupid or it’s really a bug. I give up. I hope the WF app from the store have a preview image.

This preview has nothing to do with the preview in the playstore version. A separate apk is created for testing, which is transferred to the watch.

I know … but something should not be

Did you restart your computer after upgrading to 1.1.13 to clear any caches? That was an issue with GWS updates.


Hello Ron, I did everything. restarted my Mac and shut down and restarted. Except for a WF I got everything.

Sorry, I couldn’t duplicate this. Maybe it is a Mac issue.

Samsung Developer Relations

I do not think Gmpanh had the problem too and he uses Windows. See post above. I dont know. :man_shrugging:

I have the same issue on Windows 10. When you directly transfer your watch face from WFS it shows no preview only watch hands for analog watch faces for digital nothing, but if u go to customization option and change its look a bit inside your watch then preview adopt that, but from WFS it send empty preview. For me even build .aab file have empty preview inside. So me using custom image to solve this issue for now. I hope in next update may you guys fix it.

WFS 1.1.14 ready for download today.

“Fixed preview image bug that hands component only shows up.”