Bug With Themes on Z Flip3

A customer notified me that when they applied my latest theme, the icon labels (text underneath the icons) were white, which did not match my screen shots in the store, and made them hard to read. In the tool, my App Icon Label Color was set to dark pink (there was no label background set).

I gave them another theme of mine with green text and it showed as white text on their Flip3 as well.

This problem has also been confirmed by another designer. My themes are all dark, so it’s not too bad for the customer. Customers with light wallpapers won’t be able to read their text, so expect complaints.

I submitted a ticket but expect it to be rejected as all of mine are, because even though I provided screen shots of the problem on the phone, screenshots of the tool setting, the tool version, the APK and STP files, as well as screen shots of the phone software versions they will say they need something else that is not related to the problem… :frowning:

I’ll update this as I hear more, but this is more informational for designers.

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Problem with the icon label color will be fixed with OneUIHome 3.1.1 starting Oct 1st…