Build error anf Warning

I made my own watchface and I’m trying to upload it to my watch and it gives me a popup
I press yes
The next popup is to build the project i filled up the form and now is saying build error
I press OK
and now is giving me this popup
Is my first watchface so i don’t know all the errors ( i have all the certificates that I need ) any help


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You can try to generate AOD of your project. It may help to resolve your issue. Make sure OPR (On Pixel Ratio) of Always-on state is lower than 15% (recommended 10%).

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I had the same problem. The OPR of Always-on state is 4.2%. Then I went back to version 2.0.0 and it says an error has occurred. See the log file
log.txt (94.4 KB)

Did you guys find a solution? I have the same building issue, except my doesn’t have the build error as Chris has shown above. When I push it to the watch, it stops at 65% and shows the warning. TPK never reach the watch.

Build project seems to be working correctly, and generates TPK without error. It just can’t push it to the watch. Is there other way to test the TPK? RTL no longer has TIzen Watches.

I wonder if it has something to do with the watch. Because the last time I used GWS was 6 months ago and didn’t have any issues, nothing has changed in terms of settings and computer hardware. The only difference is the watches, I was using Watch3 Classic which I no longer have. Now I’m using Active2.

Note, I have created new a certificate while Active2 is connected to GWS and issue still persists.