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Hi Samsung Brothers ,

I am wondering how to make context manu. I saw such options in few watchfaces done by Broda and Jeweler. By tapping the top of the watch (ex. 12 o’clock) context manu appear.
Something like this

Can be made in GWS or needs to be done in Tizzen Studio?

Advice would be very appreciated

Hello, no, GWS can’t do this yet.
I am not sure which one they use for sure, but they either use GWD older than 1.7, or the tizen studio.
And I guess it actually is not a context menu, but rather an overlay image reminding positions of the buttons that are active even when the dots are hidden.
Btw., both are excellent designers, but the position at 12h is little unlucky for those, who run older Tizen firmware, on which touching there always acts as start of swipe down and the “menu” cant be displayed.

Dear Peter ,

thank You so much for your reply. With your explanation , Would I believe that this option can be done but not using GWS? Am I right? Do you have any idea or any rumors when new version of GWS going to be release?

Yes, right, it can be done as you have seen, there are watch faces made this way, just GWS is not the tool to be used. Easiest tool to do it, is GWD 1.6.2.
As for when new version comes out, I have no idea. Maybe somebody from Samsung could answer, but I doubt we get any exact date.

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Thanks Peter, You are a Boss :slight_smile:

Dear Peter ,

I have found version 1.6.2 but how this can be made ? any advice?


I suggest you prepare semitransparent image with the descriptions. To watchface add one complely transparent image same size and shift it off-centre so, that only part of it on edge will remain over the watchface for touch. Set it as button and make it change image to your prepared descriptions. Then add plain number in the placement coordinate expression to even out the shift you done. Read this thread for better understanding How to make changeable watch hands with fixed tapping area? dont mind it is about hands, your image will not rotate, but principle of separating touch area from display area is the same.

Thank You Peter,

I can always count on You.