Can a button action enable/disable another UI layer

I’d like to have 2 TZ fields on the watchface - super-imposed.

Then have another image button and on tapping it toggle the visibility of one of the TZ fields (UI layer).


It depends on where they are at and what you are trying to hide/show. Some more information would be useful. Is it just an image a complication or something else? And is this a digital clock or analog.

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After seeing your other thread I understand better. I didn’t read TZ as time zone.

The trouble is the tap action only happens on the top layer and with a time zone selector that has to be top layer.

You can show or hide the clock with conditions but hiding doesn’t stop the tap action.

You can move it off the screen with some conditions and that would enable the bottom one to show but that isn’t a tap action.

Samsung Developer Relations

i;ve got an image (small one) - actually just a region in another part of the watchface - not over the TZ field.

tap on it and toggle the visibility of the TZ field.

There’s another TZ field underneath it - no effect on that.

In GWS the tap action is only applied to the layer that has it in settings and only if it is not covered with another layer with tap action. The only user interaction that can be used in multiple layers is the caffeine or water intake, but that resets at midnight.

I do not know how you can do that with GWS. It is possible with some 3rd party tools or Tizen Studio but High Kudos to you if you can do that with GWS.