Two Time Zone selector For 12/24 modes

Dear All,

I have placed two time zone selector on the place and hided each depending on their time modes (12/24)

But even If I hide them, the upper layer one, is still clickable so the timezone for 12h mode is not showing correctly.

I hope I have explained it correctly.

Is there any way to achieve this?

the top most element will always be the one responding to tap action, no matter of its actual visibility, no matter how many underlaying elements are set as button too.
Maybe you could make the two time selectors overlap only in the main area using different text alignment and stretching their overall area to side to make it accessible for touch. I guess it wont be perfect, but maybe for some monospaced fonts and only digital time it could work.image

@nowappdev - were you able to get this working? I want to do a similar thing.

Try it ,might work with what you want to achieve
Remember you are going to use up alot of space on a small watch face,
which is not very practical

I have exactly the same issue . Any other ideas how to resolved it in more practical way?

Sorry, there’s no solution.

The only way I know how to do this is stack two clocks one 12 and one 24
Then by having a mask image that is half clear and half the background so only one image shows. then the second image is an upside down version of the first mask.

They won’t be the same place but it will work.

I believe this is a feature request already in the system, if not I’ll add it.

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Thanks, @r.liechty_SDP for your tip, but I don’t get it. Could you please provide more details?

You need to have a rectangle with the bottom half the color of your background and tito half clear and one that is the same but upside down so the bottom is clear and the top colored

Cover the one digital clock so it shows and the other one doesn’t then set a button action and change image and use the other one. so when they tap on the image the other one will show. Tap again and the original shows.

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Thanks. Now I get it.
But as a result, I will have two digital clocks not placed in the same location, but one under the other. The same result I should get using conditions for 12h/24h clock built-in GWD.

But the case here is to have two clocks in the same location with the working action button.

In my opinion, there is a bug in GWD - inactive (hidden) objects should not raise a tapped (clicked) event - the button should work ONLY for active objects.

Regards, Bartek

Rename the attached file to .gwd and check how did I mean it. The example was made in version 2.0. The tap zone is always active for both digital clocks, but the one, that is currently displayed, can be “advertised” for touch. (29.4 KB)

It is what it is, it is not a bug. Tap buttons do not have the ability to change how a digital time is parsed nor the ability to change what is active and what is not.

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Thank you @Peter for preparing this example. This is exactly how I did it right now in my watch face - but I was looking for a better solution. It seems that it is the only way hot to do it.

It would be nice to also be able to change AM / PM, on a single layer, based on the chosen time.


ICU format “a”
Time Zone: sync with Time Zone Selector

I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying, that when AM/PM is separate clock you want to that to sync with a second clock that changes Time Zone?

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For example:

I create a watch face with two separate fields for graphic / layout reasons:

1st layer - Digital Time with time zone function (ICU format h:mm)
2nd layer - AM / PM (ICU format: a)

If in the field with digital time and time zone function I select a different time, I would like the second field (am/pm = ICU: a) to be able to display correct AM / PM based on the time zone chosen.

In this example, in the ICU format field (“a” = Am / Pm), it would be great to see the “Sync with Time Zone Selector” option like as “Sync with device”.

It is not possible If we have more then one changeable second-time zones.

This is currently not possible even with a single time zone.

One idea might be to have variables or tags.

The only current solution is to create the clock field only a single line, within the same ICU format.

Example: h: mm a

but it’s limited …

Hi Matteo,

I don’t think you can do that even in Tizen since the time is a string that the clock “reads” and each Clock is it’s own instance (place in memory) The only solution is to allow multiline time formats. like
hh : mm

Extra Line Spaces


it would also be great if you could have curved text for clock: so you could put September along the edge in curved text.

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Hi All,

In Tizen I am using the following line to get current time format choice.
" tizen.time.getTimeFormat().includes(“ap”) "
This way it’s easy to understand if time format is in 12H or 24H mode.

For galaxy watch studio, we need a new TAG for this output. Either for the next versions we need this tag, or what I am suggesting is to let us use some tizen default functions like this one. This way we can extend the our data possibilities.