Can we count on help from Samsung regarding the Google Play Store?

It’s been about half a year since the Galaxy Watch 4 was launched.
I can’t see any improvement on Google Play that makes it possible to make Watch Faces developed with Watch Face Studio competitive.

  • The bug “device is incompatible” still exists.
  • The portfolio is still not visible via the Play app.
  • In-App purchases are not possible
  • The Watch Faces are disappearing to nowhere because there is simply no section for Galaxy Watch 4 (like there is in the Galaxy Store for Tizen)

On the contrary. At the beginning there was at least the function to filter new watch faces. But it no longer exists - or only partially. So instead of making search more user-friendly, it makes it even worse.
You can no longer advertise free watch faces. The title text can only contain 30 characters, etc…

The result: Watch faces with 1000, 10,000 or more downloads appear in the search. New Watch Faces will never be found this way and will never get 10,000 downloads. I don’t want to and won’t name the developers who claim almost the entire Google Store for themselves. Anyway, there’s no point in trying to compete against these developers - not without Samsung’s help. But nothing happens at all.

Is this really the way Samsung wants to go further with Google?

Of course, designers who have been known for years and who have a fan community will not be interested in this.
Only the rest stays on the track. A big movie theater.

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Hi TS-Design

Samsung and Google’s working relationship has to be balanced and I can’t say much more.

Samsung Developer Relations

I don’t think Samsung can do anything with this regards, just hoping for Google to release Pixel Watch after that u might see some changes in Playstore for watchfaces. Till that we need to suffer as our work is not visible to anyone until and unless u share ur work on social media or any other platform. Which is a pity tho.