Cant connect to Galaxy watch 1 from Watch Face Studio

I am unable to connect to my Galaxy Watch 1 from Watch Face Studio using the watch IP.
I get an error ‘Failed to pair a device’.

I am able to connect without any peroblems using the old Galaxy Watch Studio. But just not with the newer Watch Face Studio.

Does anyone know how to resolve it? Or do I need to ditch Watch Face Studio and go back to using the old Galaxy Watch Studio if Watch Face Studio isn’t compatible with the Galaxy Watch 1?

Galaxy Watch 1 means your watch is Tizen. If thats so then The Watch Face Studio is only for wear os devices.

The older other one is Called Galaxy Watch Studio and thats for Tizen

Please kindly specify you have a Galaxy Watch Tizen or Galaxy Watch4 Wear OS Or watch 5 Wear OS

All watches except Watch 4 and 5 series are Tizen and the Watch Face Studio is not for them . For older watches the software to make watchfaces is called Galaxy Watch Studio.

If you truly want to create watch faces for first generation of galaxy watch, you can not use watch face studio. You would need galaxy watch studio (or galaxy watch designer, like it was called earlier).
The latest version reportedly has a glitch that drops the always on display design at save.
So I suggest to use one of older versions

I prefer 1.6.2, to keep access to one discontinued feature