Connection of Galaxy Watch5 to Watch Face Studio fails


since many years I had several samsung watches (Gear S2, Active2, Watch3) and I developed some own Watch faces with the Galaxy Watch Studio.
Before I bought the brand new Watch5 pro (received it today) I had a look, if watch faces could also be developed for wear OS watches from Samsung. I found the Watch Face Studio, which I immediately installed. I could also import my watch faces from the “Tizen” Studio, but had to adjust some parameters.

Now I wanted to connect my new Watch5, but no success, not via bluetooth nor WLAN.

Of course, I switched the watch into debug mode and ADB to on.
For your information: the One-UI version is 4.5. and the Wear OS-Version is 3.5.

Is the watch5 too new for the WFS?

Many thanks in advance for any answers.

No, it works fine, I also have GW5 connected to WFS.

You have to connect by Wifi
after you turn ADB on you need to select the WiFi debugging (default is BT) after a few minutes the IP address and a bunch of other information should show up. Note the IP address and use it in the Run on Device just like you did in GWS.

You don’t need to turn WiFi on but you do need a WiFi connection.(Wear OS will connect only when needed)Samsung Watches won’t debug using BT because the Wear App doesn’t support it.

If all else fails force debugging…

Using File manager copy the address where you installed adb by default
(copy the address as text from file manger using right click on the address bar)
Open a command prompt
navigate to the folder address
cd C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\WatchFaceStudio\tools\window
Then type
adb connect 192.168.x.x:5555 (where 192.168.x.x is your watch’s IP address).
It may take a minute to connect or give a failure response
If you get a rejected error or something check your watch debugger settings.
Try in developer options to revoked permissions and force new acceptance. do the connect again.

select “run on device” within Watch Face Studio, your watch should show up. If it doesn’t check you watch to see if you OK’d debugging when you first connected.

If it connects but will not run on device create a new keystore in a new keystore folder

I should have a Watch 5 later this week

Samsung Developer Relations

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Many thanks for the quick an detailed answer.
Even I couldn’t find the directory on my PC (have win11 installed), I found the reason, why it didn’t work. The switches look switched-on for me but they were not. Only the location has been changed but not the color, as it was on the other watches.

Now debugging was switched on, I could connect and upload my watch faces!
Again, many thanks!

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Hopefully I have my Watch5 before Thursday.


Hopefully I have my Watch5 before Thursday.


I’m totally new to this, but I was unable to connect to GWS without first running Tizen. However, when it shows up to connect, a screen appears on my watch that is larger then what can be viewed and I can not scroll.

I see a blue bar with a word ending in
followed by

version 160523
NOTICE: Please
…select device
…Socket: disabled
…tooth: disabled

Every time I attempt to connect with GWS, this is what I receive.
Any ideas??

What Galaxy Watch do you have? Galaxy Watch 3 and older are Tizen OS and you use Galaxy Watch Studio to build them. Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 are Wear OS devices and you need Watch Face Studio to run them.

Assuming you are using Watch Face Studio and Galaxy Watch5 when you set your ADB Debugging you have to use WiFi debugging the documentation for connecting is wrong BT debugging only works for some third party watches and the prototypes that the WFS team has.

Once you set ADB to WiFi it will take about 30 seconds or a minute to connect to the computer port then show a bunch of stuff one is the ip address with .5555 at the end (5555 is the port) note the IP address
From WFS select run on device add the IP address like you did for GWS and it will try to connect.
You will need to ok the connection on your watch and select either OK or don’t ask from this device again and then the Galaxy Watch5 will show in WFS Run on window. click on it and it will then take a while but install on your watch.

Let me know if you still have any issues. The BT debugging hasn’t been available for Galaxy Watches for 3 years going back to Watch3 and Active2

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for the prompt response. I believe I am following everything above. I did get the request to connect on the watch and answered: “always connect” (I think that’s what the option was).

My exact steps are:

  1. reboot watch
  2. confirm ADB and WiFi is the same as PC
    1. Run Tizen and confirm IP address and port in"Debug Over WiFi" on watch, matches the entry Tizen “Remote Device Manager”
  3. In Remote Device Manager, switch “Connect” to On and confirm it’s “Blue” and OK to close “Remote Device Manager”
  4. Run GWS and load my gwd file
  5. Click on "Run on Devie or F9

*This is where I receive the screen as shown in the attached photo. This can not be opened or dismissed or scrolled

7)The “Connected Watch” screen appears with my watch listed (SM-R900)
when I hover over it, it turn blue, when I click on it, the text (SM-R900) turn from black to white and nothing else.

Am I missing a step after that?


OK, figured it out. . . .you can’t use Galaxy Watch Studio, but need to use WatchFaceStudio. Worked fine once I switched apps.

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Galaxy Watch 5 runs Wear OS powered by Samsung it is not Tizen OS so Tizen Device Manager will never be able to run Tizen apps on it.

You may be able convert your .tpk file to .aab file format using the Galaxy Watch Studio Converter and run those on your Watch5. However that does not work with Tizen Studio designed apps and Watch Faces.

You can create Watch Faces and to some degree import GWS resources into WFS and build for Galaxy Watch5. But generally I recommend you start fresh with Watch Face Studio since the way complications work and the lack of Weather and Health tags makes most conversions “difficult”

The message you are getting is one that you should get on your Android Mobile when you install sdboverbt app on your mobile phone. I’m very perplexed on how you installed that on your Galaxy Watch5 but it should not be there.

Hope this helps you get moving forward. I’d be happy to help you get started when you have an issue.

Samsung Developer Relations