Can't connect with sdboverbt on S23-FE hadset

Have been successfully using *(EDIT) ‘Galaxy Watch Studio’ on my Galaxy Watch 46mm (SM-R800) via a Samsung Note 8. Unfortunately, after 8 wonderful Years, I had a mishap with the Note 8 and it has now been replaced with an S23-FE.

I have successfully paired the Watch with the S23-FE but have lost all my Watch Faces that I had created.
I am now trying to reinstall via *(EDIT) ‘Galaxy Watch Studio’ but not having any luck with ‘sdboverbt’ via the S23-FE. The application can see my Watch, but will not connect via BT (debugging is on in both the Watch and the Mobile)…“please check SPP connection and BT paring”

Any ideas how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

*** EDIT *** have raised in correct Forum.

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Can you please share your watch model name? I think there is a few confusion with Tizen and Wear OS watches.

The only model I have for it is Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm.
I’m assuming that this is the original Galaxy Watch ?

Your watch is Tizen based watch. Watch Face Studio is for Wear OS watches.
You need to use Galaxy Watch Studio.

My mistake…I have been, and am using ‘Galaxy Watch Studio’.

I will edit the original Post accordingly. The problem still remains that I can’t connect via ‘sdboverbt’.

About 4 years ago Samsung Galaxy Watch and newer were not allowed to connect via sdboverbt as it is considered a security issue. The older watches that were upgraded to Tizen 4 have the same restrictions.

You will need to use WiFi connection and be to allow the RSA Encryption Key the first time you run on device as it must be accepted and does not last long.

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Thanks Ron…but that has me a little confused.

I was still using sdboverbt via my Note 8 as recent as 2 Months ago to create a new Watch Face.

I’m using same PC and Watch…only the Phone (S23 FE) has changed since then. Is the restriction in the Samsung Phone and not the Watch ?

My PC currently doesn’t have WiFi (I prefer Ethernet cable), but I guess I can buy a WiFi dongle if that’s what is required.


EDIT : now that you mention it, the Watch did a Firmware Upgrade when I connected the Watch to the new Mobile… so maybe that’s where the Restriction came into play.

Have now connected via Wifi but the Loading does not get past 65% before it fails.

I can see that I may be in the wrong forum…I will restart thread in corrrect forum.
Confirming I have Galaxy Watch (original) which now has Tizen Software and using Galaxy Watch Studio Software (2.0.0_beta)

In your build setting you must still use Tizen 4 not 5.x.

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