Can't create Distribute Certificate

Hello folks,
I also have this problem and can’t get my dials to be pushed to the clock,
I can’t create a distribution certificate because I cannot see the Recapcha button when I am asked to log in.
Are there any new insights to solve the problem?

I have the Gear S3 Frontier

I’ve escalated this as high as I can and they have escalated it higher. I hope for a quick fix but fear it may take time.

Samsung Developer Relations

Is there any other way to load the dials onto the watch? Another app?

There is a person that sideloaded using a FIT tool but he had a distributor certificate from Tizen Studio and those don’t work either.

I think it is wait and see. This is affecting all TV apps so it should get some priority.


We look for ward to a sol ution to the certificate error.

I can’t create Distribute Certificate too.

Please post all certificate and run on device discussion in This Topic

Samsung Developer Relations