Can't Install/Sign App with new Tizen Update

Recently upgraded to the latest Tizen Studio 3.6 release

When using the device manager I can find my device and its connected. However When I try to “Permit to install Applications” it gives an error:

“No certificate profile to install was found in workspace.
Please open the certificate manager in link below.”

I click on this link and it tells me Certificate manager is not installed or the installation path is invalid.

However if I go to the certificate manager from the IDE directly I can open it and have set up my certificate profile (but there is never an option to enter the DUID like previous versions).

I uninstalled and re-installed Samsunge Certificate extension and then I was able to create a Samsung Cert with the DUID as before. Still cant deploy but at least was able to create the cert correctly and execute Permit to install applications

Thank you will try. I have a suspicion that the reason I’m having so many problems is because I’m on Mac OSX Catalina. Has Tizen Studio been tested with this? It seems like it has a lot of issues! Can someone from Samsung please reply and confirm whether Catalina fixes are on the way?