Samsung Certificate Manager Does Not Prompt for Type, Login, or DUID


I have multiple macOS machines with tizen studio. One of the tools is certificate manager. On some of my boxes, it seems like the certificate manager is corrupted or something because when i try to create a new certificate,

  • it does not show me the choice between creating a tizen or a samsung cert
  • it does not prompt me to login to my samsung account
  • it does not allow me to enter a tv DUID to associate the cert with a development tv for install

Certificates created in this state do not work.

When i login to a different machine with a fresh install of tizen studio, i do get prompted to select my cert type, then login to samsung acct, then enter the DUID. I am able to create certs on this box then export them to other boxes, but it would be great to be able to simply create certs on the “corrupted” boxes.

Anyone had this experience? Perhaps it is still logged into an old account or getting stuck in some state and there’s a way to “reset” the cert manager?