Can't "run on device. " error se image

Hi. Why am I getting this error message and how do I fix the problem?

It looks like the error sasy that the author certificate does not match… So either you created the same watch face using a different Author Certificate
for some reasons your Package ID com.watchface.xxxx is the same as something already installed on you watch.

The solution to both of these is to rename the package ID, rebuild and try again.

Note if this is something you have already uploaded to the store you will not be able to modify it with a newer Author Certificate.

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What is the Package ID and there to change ?

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Steen Mikkelsen

HI Steen,

It is something you enter when you build the project. GWD uses the project name to make one up but you can make it any name. It is the top fill in in the project build menu.

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New error.

Need at totally guide how to make the changes to get my watchface to work, and how to connect to the watch via my mobil phone.

Why is the software make sow diffycult to connect to. It will be easyer to send it to the phone by wifi and the after to the watch !!!

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New question.

There can I find the app id ?

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The new error has nothing to do with connecting to the watch. Only some characters are allowed in the Package ID and that is the warning you are getting
You should read this section of the tutorial I’ll ask that the special name for Pacakage ID be included as a note.

You can’t copy an app to your watch and have it run it isn’t like an apk in that regards.

I can give you the information on how to bypass WiFi and use Bluetooth to install on the watch but the errors you are getting are basic errors in development and would make no difference.

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That is to open the App ID on a watch and every app has a different App ID There are a couple ways to find the App ID one is to use Tizen Studio and device manager. The other is to go to the Galaxy Store and find the app and then share it via email with yourself. the share includes the App ID.

A much better way to do this is to use double tap for the action and then open App Switcher as the option. Using that the end user will double tap the first time then select the app he wishes to open. From then on a single tap will open the app.

This has nothing to do with your app (the watch face) App ID.

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