Installation errors while trying "run on device" > Active2 & 2.0.1


I have galaxy watch active 2 that I had since long time ago.
Back then I created a watch face that I liked and used a lot.
I only had it set up on my device using “Run On Device” - never uploaded to the store.

Later on I upgraded my phone and didn’t use the watch.
Now after I connected the watch to the new phone the watch face I created was gone because my watch had to be reset.
I must mention that it also had a software update

I"m trying to run the same watch design on my watch using the “Run On device” and receiving errors right after the status “Installing” - screenshot attached.
Please help!!!

Galaxy watch designer version: 2.0.1

One UI Watch version: 2.0
Software version: R820XXU1FVH4

Updating that I found out what happened - as it turns out I needed to update “Distribute Certificate” (before I uploaded this issue I did update the “Author Certificate” so I didn’t understand why I am receiving this issue that says there is something wrong with the cert).

You didn’t have to do the author certificate but since you didn’t upload to the store that didn’t matter.
You did have to update the Distributor certificate because of the updates (either to computer or watch) and since you did that you have no issues connecting to watch from your computer.

Now… The first time after you do an update you have to agree to the RSA Encryption Key installation. This doesn’t last long and if you miss it the watch thinks it is a hack and doesn’t ask again You get the check certificate -12 time out error because of that.

two things to do to fix it
hold down the power key until it says rebooting and also restart your computer (don’t just turn off and on but use restart to clear the caches)
Try to run on device again and observe your watch for the Allow RSA Key again.
If you don’t get it in time you can also go to the C:\Users[USERNAME]\ and there is a hidden folder .tizen open it and rename the sdbkey and sdbkey.public and run on watch again.
They are replaced when you first run on device

Hope this helps, It is pretty painless but really hard to understand from the error message.

Samsung Developer Relations

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