Can't See My Seller Profile in Galaxy Store On My Phone

Hi, both (seller portal and Galaxy Store on my Phone) uses same email address. Also account names are same,too.On my phone, i see my watch faces desgins and i’m unfamiliar enough with my own clock interfaces to evaluate:)
For example; my own watch faces appear to be installed on my watch, but when I uninstall it, the buy button appears.
is there any way to sync my seller portal account to Galaxy Store on my phone?

It is normal that when you uninstall a face of yours when you download it again, they sell it to you, because technically you never paid for it (I suppose that is where that situation comes from), the same will happen to you with the updates of your faces, but always being the creator you can reload your original file and you will have no problem

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Thank you sir.Even more important than the clock interfaces is not being able to see the comments made for my designs, and not being able to follow the statistics.

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The comments (all) are only visible from the personal seller portal, from the application you will only be able to see the comments made by users from the same region as you, not those from the rest of the world