Buyer Comments and Store Reviews

Hi All,

This is probably my misunderstanding, but perhaps someone would be kind enough to clarify.

I have a watchface on sale in the Galaxy Store “Orb-04 Quadratic”. I’ve had a couple of reviews submitted by purchasers that I’ve noticed and responded-to in the “Buyer’s Comments” section of the Seller Portal.

I thought these would also show up on the watchface’s page in the Galaxy Store under the “Rating and Reviews” section, but this is empty when I look at the watchface in the store. Am I missing something here?

Many Thanks,


maybe your purchaser was from different country and so the comment+response may show in store section for that country which you wont see from your account.

Thanks Peter for the response. I didn’t realise that the comments were filtered on a country basis.



You will see the ratings from all countries combined, but only comments from your country will show (probably due to the different languages).