Seller Info page in Galaxy Store is mostly blank


Apologies if this post is in the wrong section, but it’s the closest one for this issue that I can see.

I’m a new designer and have just made my first Galaxy watch face available on the store a couple of hours ago. I can now see the watch face available in the store on my Galaxy S8 phone (its name is “orb-04”), but when I click on the link to the seller page - link title is “Orburis Watch” - I get a mostly blank page (just the Top, New and Seller Info links) and the message “No apps” at the bottom of the screen.

I’ve had another person do the same thing from a different phone and it displays OK.

Any idea what is going on? I’ve tried clearing cache and data for the Galaxy Store App, and for Chrome, and also rebooting the phone, but it makes no difference.



It can take a while from when you get the approved email and when it shows up on the app. If it hasn’t shown up in 24 hours you may want to contact them through the Seller portal.

Thanks. Seems to be working now!


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Hi Rob,

right place for this.

The new watch faces will be propagated fairly quickly but I think your seller brand page can take longer depending on the service provider and other things.

It all shows for me but if it doesn’t show for you tomorrow you can open a seller store 1:1 Enquiry but I think it is a matter of patience.

Nice Design welcome to Samsung Watch Face Sellers !!

Samsung Developer Program

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