GWS does not work!

I’m trying to update an existing watch face and EVERY TIME I try to run it on the watch it get some error message that runs from over the top of the screen to over the bottom of the screen and tells simple me nothing. Further the face loads to 65%, which deletes my EXISTING face, before it stops so I don’t have the old face either. Why is this so hard to do?? HOW can I reinstall the watch face I worked on and this app deleted?? I MEAN COME ON!! I’ve been trying to do this for a solid month now!!

HI Rog,

I moved this to the GWS folder you can remove it if you want. Or leave it if you want further discussion

The issue was the RSA Encryption key needed to be accepted.

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Thanks! That did the trick!

Thanks Rog,

I deleted the user. After you’ve used the forum for a while you’ll be able to flag spam. Until then if you want to report it click on my username and send me a private message.

Glad you are working

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