Cant Sync my faceto the Watch

Hello, I designed a WatchFace, and now I want to test it on my Watch, but everytime i will sent it to my Watch, it gets this error?
Did someone now why?

Since you are already connected to your watch this is an easy one to diagnose.

Before the file can be transferred you have to allow the RSA encryption key to be installed on your watch. You have to approve this step on the watch. If you accidentally hit no then it won’t be asked again. Odds are if you didn’t accept it, you won’t be asked again either.

So hold down power key(s) like you were shutting down until it says rebooting.
While it is rebooting restart your computer (don’t shut down and start but restart to clear the cache) and relaunch GWS
Have your watch face set to a pre-installed watch face
open your project and do a Run on Device
Immediately start watching your watch and try to keep it active
The allow RSA Encryption will pop up Select OK
From now on unless you update computers or watch software it should not be asked again.

Here is the FAQ answer step 4.
You must have acknowledged the RSA key screen on the watch (allows for data transfer between the watch and your PC). If you missed this screen or don’t remember if you acknowledged it, disable Bluetooth, restart (power off then power on) the watch, and, after the message that shows your watch has reconnected to the network disappears, wait 30 - 60 seconds, then try connecting again. Keep your watch nearby and active as the RSA key screen displays for only a few seconds. You may need to repeat these steps (increasing the wait time after Wi-Fi has connected) to get to and acknowledge the RSA key screen.

If you still have an issue I have sure fire methods but usually rebooting is all it takes.

Samsung Developer Relations

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