Error code when I transfer to the watch

What do I do to remove this error message when I want to put a new Watch Face on my watch?

How many ways are there to transfer Watch Faces from “Galaxy Watch studio” and to my Samsung Gear S3?

The first time you load a watch from GWS to a Watch you need to accept an RSA Encryption key and that only shows for a short time. I believe that is the error you are getting.

If you have a Galaxy Watch 3 you can’t use sdboverbt until a new Tizen OS update is installed but Galaxy Watch or Gear S3 updated to Tizen 4 should install. Your message and the screen shot are different.

so Assuming you have a Galaxy Watch or Gear S3 running Tizen 4.x
hold down the home (Power) key for about 15 seconds until it says rebooting
Restart your computer to clear any caches
restart your phone
Once restarted
check on watch make sure developer options are on (Tap on Software version 5 times to start this)
Make sure Debugging is on
Make sure BT is enabled
Set your watch to a preinstalled watch face.

on phone
Make sure debugging over USB is enabled in Developer Options
launch SDBoverBT app

Select the watch and look at the watch sometimes the RSA key pops up then but it shouldn’t.

Connect phone to computer… again watch for the RSA pop up on the watch but it shouldn’t

Launch GWS give it a minute to be sure all is ready
Select Run on Device
observe your watch and make sure it stays active
the RSA Encryption Key should pop up and select OK and (you can set do not ask again but it doesn’t after the first time).
It should then proceed to sideload onto your watch.

If the RSA Pops up and you still get the error then you need to create a new Distributor Certificate.

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