Connecting GWS to watch 5

Hi Everyone. i’m sure that this has been asked hundreds of times, but all a seach does is take me to help that seemingly names different apps, etc, or brings up samsungs own ‘how to connect’ documentation that seems out of date.

I am using the Galaxy Watch Studio 2.0.1 beta, an a galaxy watch 5, but cannot get the studio to detect the watch.

I have both laptop and watch connected to the same 2.4 wifi connection (and have tried several different networks). the watch is in developer mode, although all the help files i have seen do not describe the same menu options as i have on this watch. i have tried enabling wifi debugging and wireless debugging (which appear as two different toggles) etc etc. restarted the phone, have wifi always on (debugging option for while charging). i have the ip address correct. but GWS says it cannot find the watch on the network, and directly entering the IP finds nothing.

i’ve seen numerous other posts about certificate request popping up, but there has been none of that pop up at all on either the watch nor the laptop. have i missed something vital here?

Galaxy Watch Studio is for Tizen OS based Watches (Galaxy Watch3 and older) For Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 you need Watch Face Studio because they Are Wear OS powered by Samsung Devices.

You can use Galaxy Watch Studio converter to convert a simple TPK to and APK that runs on GW5 but they have to be very simple watch faces. I recommend you just start anew with WFS.

Samsung Developer Relations

aha, thank you… every tutorial so far has said to use GWS. now i just have to figure out WFS which seems rather simplistic in comparisson


yes GWS has been around for 7 or 8 years so that is what most docs refer too.

The WFS tutorial is on the Android Developer Site HERE

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