TAP - change image

Change image after tap doesn’t work if any layer is upper. Example - I want change background of my watchface and there are some layer above background (watch hands…), tap action doesn’t work

I have been able to get the tap action to work on any layer. I just created a test watch face changing the background with multiple layers above it including watch hands and it worked as well. One thing to be careful with is having overlapping tap action layers.

One other option to change the background would be to add a style. Then technically you could even have more than two different background choices if that was a desire. Name the image layer appropriately so when the user changes styles, they will understand what they are changing.

In WFS works correctly, but on watch no. I’m using watch hands 450*450 pixels (hours, minutes, seconds)

I tested it on the watch as well and it worked correctly. I have a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, so I’m also using the 450x450 pixels.

Ok, thx. I’ll try testing else, where is my problem maybe

I would work on a process of elimination. For peace of mind, you might create a simple watch face just to confirm you can change the background. Just have a background and the watch hands. If that works on your watch in the way you were expecting, then you have confirmed it can be done. Then start adding things back. Without seeing what you have done it is hard to say, but you may have something in a layer that is conflicting with that layer preventing you from clicking the tap to change the background. Since the background covers the entire watch face, it makes it more difficult to have other tap actions on the watch. That was why I suggested using styles on the watch face instead of tap action for the background. Just my opinion. :wink: