Change Image and source files that end in ".9"

Hi All,

This sounds like a bug to me, but I wanted to check with the group before raising a ticket, and to check that others can reproduce this. There is a simple test case…

Firstly, I’m using GWS 2.0.0_beta (build 200403) and running the test case on a Gear S3 Frontier running Tizen and OneUI 1.5.

Here’s the test case.

  1. Create an image - in my case I created a simple circle in Photoshop 90x90px (the dimensions don’t really matter). I used different fill colours to export the circle to three .png files and called them Blue Circle 1.0.png, Green Circle 1.0.png and Red Circle 1.0.png. Then I simply made a copy of these files and changed the file names to end with 1.9, i.e. Blue Clircle 1.9.png, Green Circle 1.9.png and Red Circle 1.9.png.

  2. Create a test watch face in GWS.

  3. Insert the Blue Circle 1.0.png file using the “Image” function in GWS. Set the image to be a button. I selected double-tap and change-image functionality for the button. I then added Green Circle 1.0.png and Red Circle 1.0.png to the button (under the action tab), so that when I double-tap the button the circle will change from blue to green to red and back to blue. Hopefully that’s clear so far.

  4. Repeat step 3 but use the “1.9” image files to create another tappable colour-change button.

  5. I ensured that the buttons do not overlap on the watch face - I put one on the left and one on the right of the watch face. I added a text field with the text “1.0” and "1.9"sitting on top of each button respectively just so I know which is which.

  6. Test in the run window and all looks good - double clicking each circle causes the colour of the circle to change in rotation Blue->Green->Red->Blue etc

  7. Build and load onto the watch

  8. Test on the watch. The button built from the “1.0” image files works fine. The button built from the “1.9” image files does not work. The image stays resolutely blue!

I have experimented further with other examples now have a test watch face with a seven circles built from file names that end with various strings (before the .png extension). Result of tests below. I’ve just chosen a bunch of file names to try and narrow down where the issue is…

Files names ending with the following work as buttons on the watch: “1.0.png”, “9.png”, “.9 tail.png”, “.91.png”.
Files name ending with the following don’t work on the watch: “1.9.png”, “2.9.png”, “.9.png”

Although my research is not exhaustive it seems to me that filenames ending “.9.png” have a problem running on the watch.

I’d be interested to know if others ca n confirm thsi behaviour and that I’m not just doing something really stupid!. If not I will raise a ticket.


.9 files are a special format of image file, like png and jog. They are resizable bitmap images.

Google 9-patch files for more info.

Wow, I have not come across these before. It really tripped me up as I use version numbers in my file names and I never expected that any file name content before the extension would have a bearing on how the file is treated by GWS.

Thanks for pointing this out - I’ll avoid creating png files ending “.9.png” in future!


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I hadn’t heard of 9-patch files either until I became a theme designer. They are pretty cool because on the phone for example, they are images that can be resized by the software. Used for buttons and such :slight_smile: