Change index color and/or style

I"m trying to get a certain ‘look’ on a watch face using a stark white index but the ones in the system come out with grey index marks (the second lines around the edge of the face.) Any idea how to change that color or do I have to make my own index using my color choice? Thanks ya’ll!

One you mean grey though white? Anyway just play with the color properties

Did that and got no change. Is the color locked on the indices that come with the app or am I missing something?

see both the screen shots

Actually @rog1598215254 what system index you talking about?

please screenshot what you trying to do?

i assume is the add component → index?

Just incase talking about something else.

But there is no default grey index. And for image base component its colors are not locked.


light red not grey

You are not missing anything the index tick marks have less opacity in the pre-designed ones.

You can play around with the Stick Indexes short or long narrow or wide and get what you want for the tick marks the Stick adds one mark and then you multiply it in the settings to 12 or 60 or whatever you want.
for example have 12 long stick images and 60 short ones.

But you’d have to put the numbers in manually.

Or create your own image in a design tool and use as a background.

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BINGO! I didn’t realize what the Index folder contained! That’s exactly what I needed and thank you!


That helped alot! Thanks!

Try to duplicate them (maybe even multiple times)

Got my answer. Thanks bud!