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Hello all.
A complete newbie here and have started making my own watch face after getting the bug from making one via a watch face app on the Galaxy store.
The sample index marks aren’t what I need as I’m using marks, a triangle and numbers for the seconds.
I created the index mark I need but if I open it selecting the add-Index menu it displays all 12 marks on top of each other but rotated. (It’s 12 marks as it’s set as hours not seconds)
So I want to know if I’m doing this wrong. But I have opened my Index mark as an image and using a sample index for placement, I’m adding each mark, numbers (as Text) and triangle.
Once done delete the sample and have my custom Index.
Is that ok?
As the Watch Studio sees it as an image and not an index, plus it’s taking some time to move them in to place.
I hope there is an easier way but liking the effort I’m putting in.
Thanks all. If a duplicate post please direct me.

Welcome to this Forum.
Which designing tool are you using for designing watch faces? Is it Watch Face STudio or Galaxy Watch Studio?

I am using Watch Face Studio

There are two ways of using the tick marks element
a) when inserted, you pick one image that has all needed marks on it and covers whole circle area (like some examples there)
b) when inserted, you pick one smaller image that represents one individual mark, then set number of marks and size and angle of covered area by either selecting hours or minutes or by directly writing in your custom numbers. That mark will be replicated specified times across specified area then. You can add multiple different marks layers and stack them by rotating the layer accordingly


Thank you.
I sort of understand what you mean.
Please bare with me. So let me show you what I mean with the index marks. When choosing seconds and the number needed all the marks are stacked on top of eachother in the angles required. As you can see in the photos.

I have opened the custom Index mark and selected 1 in seconds then made the index as a group and duplicated it moving each one by angle.
Would this be a more correct way to do them?
I made an image group originally and think this isn’t the authentic method.
Pictures attached of what I have done.

Using the “index group” setting the marks in the correct position is easier.
Have have just thought probably best to make the numbers I want as an image so I can just swap media. The text input throws off the easy alignment.
Thank you again.

This way is possible, but it is slow, unnecessary tedious and inaccurate. It should work automatically and spread the marks around the arc you define.
I could not see it on your images, but my guess is, after stating the number how many you want of them, check the size. You should be able to insert arc size in canvas units you want the marks spread around.

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