How to add new indexes styles in Watch Studio?

I’d like to build a personal watch face for my Galaxy Active 2 and would like to use the Index of Samsung’s Simple Analog watch face. More specifically I’d like to use the index where the actual hour is highlighted in bright white.

Is that possible? I mean, where can I find that specific index to be used in the Galaxy Watch Studio?

Thank you very much in advance.



You should create your own image for the background that incorporates that Index look start with all outlines.
Make 11 more copies for 12 total. Then you have to highlight one number for each hour. Set that image to show (opacity 100) only on that hour using tags.

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Fantastic Ron. Got it! Thank you!

One more question: I finished the watch face I was working on. When I press F(, after all the certificates and so on given, I’m receiving the error screen:

Screenshot 2021-11-05 162400|517x293

I’m from Brazil and all the systems, I mean, phone, watch, computer, etc are set for dd/mm/yy and not mm/dd/yy as in America. Is that the problem? If yes, how to solve it keeping the Brazilian format? If no, how to solve it keeping the Brazilian format (hehehe).

Tks in adavnce!

If this was a GWS built Watch face it is a bug download the latest update. If this is something you designed with WFS when you create the certificate you need to set the certificate expiration date for 25 years or something like that.

see this thread it has links to how to set the certificate.

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