Change to Seller Registration Requirements

Thank you brother for your support.

In my country I need to have a company and need to pay 180$ to get D-u-n-s number! I’m sure that this is the case and also for other countries! For small developers this is the end! So this is a kind way Samsung to kick off developers. Good job Samsung :clap:


That’s right teyri.
The easy way to prevent individual sellers is to require them through complex changes.

This is the end.


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Unfortunately the number of non-commercial sellers that are abusing the system has become intolerable. It is not just abusive to Samsung store it is abusive to people that upload useful quality app by causing legitimate sellers delays in being approved and creating false assumption by buyers that all apps of a genre are ad-ridden or scam apps, honest sellers suffer.

Unfortunately some decent hard working developers are going to suffer because of those that abuse the system.

Samsung Developer Relations

What can I do brother?
Note: I’m a Moroccan Citizen.

If you don’t get a DUNS number there isn’t anything you or I can do.

Samsung Developer Relations

So my theory was 100% correct! Samsung removes developers that don’t want! For example I work with Samsung from more than 10 years…Now they will kick off me! The truth is that they use develers untill they want! I feel humiliated!

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I’m familiar with your work and I know you are an honest designer/developer the D-U-N-S Number is beneficial for even a small business and is going to be a necessity for every small business that hopes to do more than scratch out pennies.

But I understand your feelings, I hope you can understand the root cause for the change.

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As I understand it, for watch faces and themes developers it will not be necessary to acquire this DUNS number.
But I have some watch faces in APK, for Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 and sold in China. Because they are on Wear OS platform, will I have to purchase this DUNS because of that? Or will it not be necessary because it is “watch face” @r.liechty_SDP ?
If I need to acquire this DUNS number because of about 5 watch faces for Wear OS in China, I prefer to delete them from my profile.

You can ask from the Seller Portal Contact US page but I’m fairly confident the exclusion is for all Watch Faces Sellers as that and Themes are already closed ecosystems.

Samsung Developer Relations

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I’m completely destroyed since Samsung announced a piece of negative news that itself will not work, I think it is better to stop publishing the applications in the store, because it will be a waste of time and effort.
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Samsung hasn’t actually said what will happen to existing Sellers, it may be worth asking at the portal.

Read bullet #2 it says effective February 2023 there is a “risk” of suspension or termination.

yeah brother, but trough their policy, we conclude that DUNS Number is obligatory.

Hi Ron,

Could I give a suggestion?

Why not implement an annual fee just like the Apple App Store?

This would be a bigger hurdle for low-quality apps, and it would also help with app review costs.

Perhaps this will solve the issue of developers who are not able to get DUNS Number in their countries and still filter bad apps from entering the store.

A great change, instead of solving the problem on its own, Samsung pushed the responsibility to 3rd parties and the developers. I wonder if we developers deserve this treatment. Samsung is not the only app store facing the problems they are facing. Google Play, Apple, Microsoft Store… how did they do it. Should Samsung learn or not?
Please show me that Samsung is a global company. Sorry, I think Samsung is like a fledgling company.

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For all intents and purposes the greatest proportion of those that are affected by the changes are those that are not able to publish on Play Store, Apple or Microsoft Store. Samsung is simply catching up to those stores.

As far as a developer relations and supporting legitimate developers, I think this is extremely good for those that are honestly trying to develop useful mobile applications.

Samsung Developer Relations

@r.liechty_SDP If my android app is not paid and there are no internal purchases, but it only has ads (Admob), will I be able to register it through my country ID only?

I didn’t quite understand Q7 of the Announcement FAQ


NO the notice said Effective December first there will be no distinction between free and commercial sellers. Going forward.

The 3rd bullet point addresses those sellers that do not need a DUNS number that is for Theme and Tizen OS sellers it is already a closed ecosystem so free sellers in those stores do not need to provide a DUNS number.

Samsung Developer Relations


And if i’m selling watch faces for Wear OS on China??? I deleted my 4 APK watch faces for Wear OS.