Companion App workaround to playstore bug

Came across this method Install watch face using phone companion app ⌚ Wear OS - YouTube

How do i code that does it only work for samsung

Hi. This application was made for me by one wear os dev from Slovakia.
I must note that this is still only half the solution. People still see “purchase” on their watch even though they have the app already purchased / downloaded.

Did you find the solution of this purchase bug ?

Just that new companion app - see video link in 1st post. Not a complete solution but at least something.

For example, I buy a watch face on Google Play, download the app to my phone, click to install the face, and it will offer to buy it again, but on the watch itself? I have the same problem. And I haven’t found a solution yet.

Yes, it works that way, from my observation this only happens when user used promo code & wants to download on watch. It shows him “purchase” instead of “install”. Clicking on "purchase will engage install process but most of people are afraid of payment & so they’re not clicking on it. It’s synchronization error between watch & mobile play store apps. Force close of play store or watch restart solves this.

This app works perfectly when someone buys watch face (not redeem promo code).

At least something is better then nothing, Thanks will try to implement this feature in my companion apps as well.