Watch Face Doesnot Show Install Wear OS Button in Phone Play Store App

Its been 2 years that i started making watch faces on Samsung Watchface Studio and has been good and bad at the same time, quite a bumpy ride and all this nonsense due to Google’s Genius wear os team incompetence to resolve issues at their end .

Here is a latest issue right now prevailing since Nov 12 of this month. I dont know what kind of algorithm Google applies for watchface to attach “Personalization” , “Watch face” Tags

The appearance of wear os install dropdown is missing from Phone Playstore app. I have been in live chat with them for last 2 days and still issue is not resolved.

Every month some non sense happens on Google Play Store. It has become from tiring to just mere pathetic. Things improve and get fixed. And then some new nonsense starts every time.Now users think its the developer who are at fault but is clearly not the developers. All developers have contributed towards making Wear OS 3+ a success.

Have a look at their response in my screenshot and also at watchfaces missing . Wear OS install button in Phone Playstore app.

Keep in mind this has started off with All watchfaces published after 13 Nov. I dont want to quote other developer’s work so im showing mine. But i checked more than 5 x watchfaces of other developers and this new issue is still there.

All developers please beware of this new issue


i am in touch with Google fo last 4 days and they cant fix it yet. I would advise to file a complaint if you have this issue you are not alone .

The web browser method works but due to some new changes in Playstore itself when trying to open link in phone web browser to install it always starts opening the link in phone playstore app. I know phone has an option to make it not open in app but since its from Playstore server side iimplemented it cannot be stopped. Only way is to freeze Phone playstore app by an App like Icebox etc.

See my screenshots of this and what a user told me about it and i told him to use this app to freeze playstore phone app to install via web browser

Another Non sense thrown at users by Google. This is utter stupidity that for 2 years we are teaching people how to install a damn watch face.

Hi, what the different between this watch face and your lastest watch faces?

Apparently some have the wear os tag and some doesnt

your screenshot shows of a watchface published before 13 Nov there is no such issue in it.

See my screenshot above of the latest one published on 12 NOV . No watch is shown in installer drop down menu. Where as Wear OS is Active in play console.

Hi, i know i tested multiple watch face. Before reply.
And indeed one has the watch os tag and another doesnt, that why i ask what changed

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That is the issue my friend. New one cannot be installed by users from phone playstore app.

The new watchface can only be installed via web browser. and i also mentioned the issue with web browser also.

Due to Some new implementation when you open link via web browser on phone it aggressively opens playstore app instead.

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I guessing, for some reason its to prevent side loading from non google installers?

But then they should fix the phone playstore install issue . which since last 2 years has been going OFF and On

True, when browsing the forum there are many other issues found not fixed yet…

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its really frustrating listening to their stereotype automated answers. Today when i contacted via live chat. I was told they have nothing new to tell me and still trying to fix it :thinking:

Hi, sadly i tried a work around as in use google play directly from my watch. But the watch face in your screenshots could not be found either. Btw


If you search wirh these keywords “Big Analog Bright” in the watch play store app it will come up. I just checked on My Watch 5 Pro

Hi, found it. Not easy to find but atleast u can tell your users this method meantime. I bought one watch face to support u fellow member.

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Thank you very much for your support❤️.
Yes i like your idea and i have shared it as well with users . Lets hope google fixes such issue as early as possible.


Hello … In the web Playstore (Germany) the WF is also displayed for my watch.

HI, sorry edit. it can be seen in web google pay store. but if you using from your phone it will force you to use the google play on the phone as @Osman stated. that the issue. I am right @Osman ?

@osman have you tried installing from a computer browser instead?

Well Guys perhaps my statment has not been clear . let me explain it precisely.

All 3 x Methods to Install.

  1. Install by Watch directly works.

  2. Install by Phone Web browsers works if phone playstore app is frozen.

  3. Install via Phone Google Playstore app is not working because althought after my complain watchface tags now i see appeared BUT wear os devices are still not available in installer drop down menu

If you see my previous posts im talking of the 3rd method that is via phone playstore app. just aee my screenshots in this post.

Just have a look at last screenshot. Wear OS devices option appears after a watch face has been approved and the watch tags appear when Google Algorithm puts them there in approx 24 hours of approval. Now this has not happened . And this is what i have opened complaint about…

And this is by the way the most used method via phone playstore app by most users via phone google playstore app.

@Osman btw the way i did some more testing for you. I realise you could switch your browser to desktop mode that will prevent it from going to the phone google playstore.

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Thats a nice finding mate. I am a bit tech savvy then normal users but even i didnt know thats a good finding.

but majority of users are not. and sadly that ruins a well executed watchface sales on which i worked and spent a significant time just because of Google crapping every where.

Hi @Osman
I am tech savy myself I tent to look around for all possibilities. anyway u
could use this to help your users if they contact you. education for now until its fixed.

using default samsung browser.

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