Wear OS app doesn't show on mobile Play Store with companion app

So I’ve had this issue in the past, and I figured it would be fixed by now when I went to publish my new watch face. I have a watch face set in the Wear OS only track, and a companion app in the regular Phones, Tablets, Chrome OS track. Then when you go to open the listing on Android phones, the Wear OS version of the app doesn’t show available for download, but it does on the web version of Play Store. I know that I’ve seen posts about it and I can’t seem to find the best solution for this. When I went to release my new watch face, I just sent both tracks in for review, I wasn’t expecting to still have this issue. I also recently released a new update to my older watch face (I fixed this issue by creating a new listing for it), the watch download button is gone, and I’m no longer getting sales. I don’t know what to do, I can’t create a new app again for both watch faces. Am I doing something wrong here, do I just need to wait? I don’t see the community talk about this anymore.

Both watch faces having the issues:

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  1. If your watch faces are fresh - you need a few days to recieve “watch face” tag.
  2. If you cant see in dropdown menu any watch device, but others do… just do this:
  • go to settings (on your phone)
  • Apps
  • search Google Play app
  • Storage
    → Clear cache

That should help

Both watch faces are displayed for my GW6 Classic

It turns out I was the only one having the issue this time. The problem I was having with my previous watch face was completely different, as no one could see it. It seems everything is working good now, thanks for your help!

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This was specifically an issue with Play Store on Android, the web was fine.

HI .

After watch face is approved and published. There will not be download button available for phone play store app for next few hours ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours time. There will be no such issue on web browser playstore version but it wont have tag as well .

Whats happens is that when watch face gets approved there wont be a watch face tag with it or only personalization tag is visible.

As per my discussion with Google Support.
The watchface tag gets attached when Google algorithm checks it and then it attaches watch face tag with it. They cannot do it before that.

when the tag appears then the watchface also gets the installer button on Google Playstore as well.

So i donot post the promotions when watchface gets approved. I wait till the watch face tag gets attached. and as i mentioned this happens between 1 to 24 hours time usually.