Strange Behaviour Watchface Install Button Not Showing Wear OS Device


I have a strange Behaviour with new watchface i released on 25th Dec and which got approved and published on 27th had 2 app bundles. 1 x the helper app and 2nd the watchface.

When i see compatible devices all wear os devices are shown correct and supported in play console. Also the web version of playstore shows devices correctly in install button.

BUT the phone playstore app is not showing wear os devices. This behaviour is only on this watchface. My other previous watchfaces show install button corrwctly.
Please see the screenshots attached

Any ideas :bulb: what can be wrong , i will try to rebuild new version of face and helper app again and issue update. I have the latest Samsing Watchface Studio installed. I have also sent email to Google Console help.

If you have a compatible device then go to the Other Devices Tap if you don’t then you have to open categories to search for watch faces from the mobile play store app.

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My Dear friend Ron,
You didnot understand my problem.
kindly see all screenshots attached.

1.The Watchface can be downloaded from web browser Play store and when clicked on more devices in web browser shows all devices correctly.

  1. The watchface cannot be downloaded from playstore phone app when clicked on more devices shows phone and tablets but NOT wear os devices.
    see the screenshot.

  2. Please see the compatible devices screenshot attached. The wear os devices have install base which means few users installed via web browser so it is not the issue what you are saying. The culprit is the phone playstore app. install button is broken and doesnt show wear os devices.

  3. Please see the screenshot of when you click on more devices. this is wrong. it should show wear os devices . Also see the screenshot of how it should be of a previous watch face.

  4. I have reported this issue to google play console help via email. This is not due to missing compatibility since all wear os devices are approved for this watch face.

  5. This is not due to helper app or missing adding of wear os version This is specifically due to some bug from Google Server end with regards to Play store phone app.

Please see these screenshots. 1st is of this watch face in Android Play store and not showing wear os devices. where as wear os version was approved and all wear os devices compatible are approved for this watch face and it has helper app bundle also.
Also see the 2nd screenshot of older watch face of mine . It shows correctly wear os devices in Android Play store app.This is how it should have been because both faces have identical helper apps attached with the face.

Want to check here is the link of the face . It shows wear os devices in web browser BUT not in Android Play store app. That is the problem my friend. I have also issued a minor update and issued update for both bundles for approval
and also emailed them about broken playstore button in Android Plays tore app. Now I hope they resolve this provided this is not above there mental IQ is beyond me, perhaps . Pathetic

I understand now. I cannot find this in a search either but I can find many of your other Analog Basic watch faces.

The only way I see it is by going to your OQ Watchfaces brand page all apps.

I agree this looks like a glitch in the store.

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i just added new screenshots . of this face and link to this watchface. :slight_smile:

Wait at least 10/12 days and it will work normally…

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Thanks MD . :slight_smile:

Since I already added an update will wait after that if issue remains then .

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It’s the same even after updating.
Only a formal answer from Google that it is figuring out the cause.
Half of my apps don’t show the “Install on watch” button.

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Now Google Playstore shows the Install Button for wear os devices . I dont know if it was my email to them or it got fixed automatically. Today in Phone Playstore app
i see the Install Button for Wear OS devices as well :slight_smile:

Because the update i sent yesterday is still not live its not the update.

Dear AIWatch Developer, Please check your watchfaces. I see install button on all your latest watchfaces for wear os as well :slight_smile:

basic 14 on my phone
I don’t see the install tab on my watch.:frowning:

My Android Version on N20 is A13 and Playstore version is 33. Check these screenshots of your watchfaces. I see install button on each and every one of them . I yesterday cleared data and cache of my playstore app as well.

Edit: Just checked all your watchfaces have install button available for wear os devices in my phone playstore app.

Except for the above 4 watchfaces, the install button does not appear on the watch for the rest of the watchfaces.
this problem is probably
It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the model of the mobile phone and deleting the cache and data of the playstore.

Dear ,

I just checked each and every one of your watchfaces. All of them have install button.

Please share the name of your faces which you dont see the button. I will check them again :slight_smile:

Screenshots keep giving me errors :cold_sweat:

There is an app where the install button is not visible even in OQ watchface’s app.
I don’t know what criteria this is an error.

Almost every developer’s apps have apps that don’t show an install button.

I am NOTE9, Android version 10.

Osman’s watch face
This is a screenshot from my phone.

Sorry for late reply. I have been stuck in the dilemma of watchfacestudio freezing. I have been installing java uninstalling. installing wfs again .

I think Google made lot of changes that have occurred between Android 10 and Android 13 for Wear OS.

Try opening your watchfaces on phone playstore app on other android phone with higher android 12 or 13 As far as i know new playstore app brings these changes.

Try updating your phone playstore app from this menu in phone playstore app as shown in 1st screenshot of this post maybe it resolves your issue of not seeing install button.

As far as on Android 13. I am seeing install button on All watchfaces of yours, MD, Ballozi and many other developers who have a helper app uploaded with watchfaces. Both my watchfaces that donot show install button to you on Android 10 Phone playstore app.

Show correctly on A13 in my phone playstore app. I guess this is the dilemma of Google, Too many devices ,different Android versions. So many compatibility issues.

And Happy New Year 2023 to you and everyone on developers forum here.

playstore is updated to the latest version.
I totally agree with your comments about compatibility issues.

happy new year.

always be healthy. :slight_smile:

I believe you saw Catherina’s post this is a bug in WFS reading they year 23 on start up.

For others until the bug fix is released
Change your clock to year 22 launch WFS then change back to the correct date.

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