Complete submission PSD file

Hello, what do you think of adding views to the theme creation PSD file?
Would that be interesting?

I offer 2 views

In my opinion, they add no value to the submission. Of course, you can put whatever you like in the submission, I don’t think there are hard fast rules as to the screens, just the minimum.

On the “shortcuts” screen (quick setting panel) you can change the background color and the icon’s forground and background color, the icons can’t even be customized. All of the other color and text elements can be seen on the other screens.

On the My Files screen it’s the same thing. There’s nothing you can show on this screen that can’t be seen on the other screens.

If you submitted an application with custom icons or other unique customizations on these two screens, it would show a lack of knowledge of the UI and you’d probably be rejected anyway.

Thank you for this feedback.

It seems to me that there is a problem in not knowing the software before proposing.
And possibly be able to use it in light version, in order to better perceive the design of the themes. And especially what is really modifiable and what is not.

I do not wish to offer more than necessary. even if I prepare a lot more. I will check and I will adapt my preparations if I am accepted, and I will see at that time what I can really do.

It’s a bit frustrating.
I find the samsung tutorials not developed enough in the explanations and examples for the proposals of what to do, and especially not to do.
Considering the time it takes to realize, being rejected for details is really a waste of time on both sides.
Good explanations will make validations easier.

I am interested if a Frenchman is available, to have a telephone conversation to answer all my questions and above all to give me advice. Please send me a PM.

I think it would be beneficial to download some free themes and see what they change on your phone; you will see how the themes change these new screens you proposed. To become a theme seller you will need to know this anyway. On the six screens they provide you can customize nearly everything so they are good examples.

Also, you do know that it is not possible to apply until Samsung comes out with a new process in June 2023 or so? And we don’t know what that process is…