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Dello Developers,

I m new here, from where i can download Galaxy Theme Editor?

Thank you


Thanks for reaching out and showing interest in Samsung Theme Editor. Samsung Android Theme Editor is available to approved Theme partners. Please refer to below steps that you can follow to apply for access.

Samsung Theme Editor Request Process:

• Register Samsung Account
Sign up for a Samsung account, if you do not already have one.

• Create design portfolio
Download the design template PSD from and submit below 6 screens. Providing 2-3 different theme concept will greatly impact approval odds.

1- Lock Screen.
2- Home Screen.
3- Dial Pad Screen.
4- Contacts Screen.
5- Messages Screen.
6- Notification Screen.

Apply Partnership Request (The next application cycle begins on February 19th)
Complete required information and submit to the Request page.

• Review
After successful submission your portfolio will be reviewed and status will be communicated though email.

• Make Your Own Theme!
Develop a theme using Theme Editor and register it in the Theme Store.

Also refer to below link for checking out our few award winning and trending themes.

Application review process generally takes around 4 weeks.

Thank you,
Samsung Developer Program Team

This is kinda weird for a fresh starter (like me) because on Galaxy Themes - Design overview says that “It helps designers with little or no software development experience to create themes.” and this kind of people ussually don’t have a portofolio in designing themes or, maybe there are people enthusiast that want to try. I think there should be some kind of temporary access to let a new members to create some themes to create a temporary portofolio without being able to publish till there are revised/approved by Samsung as developers. In my case, I just hope that the person/persons will check my “things” attached to my portofolio will see my potential, enthusiasm and what I like to do and to be enough to be accepted. I have to tell you that in the past I was thinking to do same thing but I couldn’t find a tool like this for themes creation.

Not to be harsh but the key word here Designers. If you are a designer you most likely have Photoshop and you would know how to use a template to mock up the portfolio. If you have talent they will recognize that. If you get rejected reply here and there may be tutorials for next time.

Samsung Developer Program

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I always thought that you never know what are you good at till you don’t try. I used photoshop few years ago for a previous company I was working for from I different country and mostly I was “preparing” images for their website, product labels or advertising flyers without to add anything on my portofolio(at that time I never thought I will need it). So now, even I will be or not rejected, I think I still want those the tutorials you are speaking about because I believe it will improve/create my techniques and maybe there are other people like me who would like to try. In this point I don’t know what level of photoshop user do I need to be and also what should I focus on every projects. I believe there are some rules I need to follow in any theme design.

I was accepted about a year ago and I received the theme maker. I found it very hard to understand. I’m good with photoshop and I enjoyed making themes with templates, I was really disappointed how difficult it was for me. I did watch video’s and meetings for developers and I did understand some of it, but maybe it’s just my thought process. I eventually gave up, which I don’t like to do. Can you tell me if it has changed any since last year? I just received another contract in my email to sign then they will resend the link for the theme designer again. All these designers understand it and I don’t? It’s quite embarrassing actually, but I didn’t want to keep emailing the developers over and over with questions. So, thats why I was wondering if its been changed any…maybe easier?? Sorry, I just could really be stupid, I don’t know. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Kel,

I don’t think you’re unusual, I think the number of Theme Designers that are approved that are still active after 1 year is fairly small.

Samsung Developer Program

Hello! Maybe this will help you and answer for all your questions and doubt.

On 1st link pay attention on the video below. Watch till the end!
On 2nd link you will find that kit for photoshop to create there all that is required.

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Thanks so much Mac!! I’ll watch them :slight_smile:

Anyone using Affinity Photo for the application process ? Left Photoshop a long time ago but am still learning the Affinity programs and it’s differences. I’d like to apply on the next window in mid June and have something ready.

Sir, kindly share your opinion on this topic, thank you.
Issue regarding mock up portfolio in photoshop

If you are an accepted theme designer, please feel free to join our FB group, other designers are happy to help, and even if English is not your first language, we’ll still try to help :slight_smile: