Complication bitmap font error

It seems that bitmap font cannot be applied to text among complication items.

Text fields are designed to allow bitmap fonts to be applied, but I can’t see anything if I try.


Expand the complication in the layer window and select the Text or Text Title in that and you can set it to Bitmaps there. But if it has a Default Provider it doesn’t seem to work with that.
So a work around
in the complication hide the text field
Create your own Text for it and you can then use a bitmap for that.

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I applied bitmap font to the ‘text’ of complication, but when I tested it, nothing came out.

It comes out if you apply it with a regular font.

It does not work if you have a content provider (Battery) but it worked for me when I had no provider. However I could not use tags so using bitmaps just modified my assigned text.
Just hide the complications text (in the layers is that option) and insert your own text box over it.

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As far as I know, most fonts are copyrighted. So if you want to use that font for personal use, you won’t have a problem. If you are going to post something online, however, your account will be blocked for copyright infringement. I always use the same font. A friend of mine shared this article with me, and he really liked it. Now, whenever I need to write a report at work, I always use this font. My boss wants it too and lets me use it.

Welcome to the Forum and you are right. If they aren’t copyrighted they are protected as Intellectual Property.

Bitmap fonts are images that are substituted for a character or string. So you could substitute an image of a man walking instead of the words Steps.

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