How to apply a colour to complication window text?

Could you please tell me how to apply a font colour to the temperature value text through complication window? In my case, the complication text font colour is always white even I apply other colours to it.

Hi, For your design, if u want your complication only support single text line.
Step1, Click Circle complication
Step2, Uncheck Supported types 2, 3, 4
Step3, Under the Short Text category, Click x to remove other, just remain Single text line.

Step 4. At the left panel, click the text
Step 5. Set color.

For future design, If u want your complication support more type.
You need to set the text color for each type.

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Thanks. I will try your steps. I know know I have to apply a theme colour. However, the problem is regarding the theme colour which I don’t understand. How to get theme colours? What is the difference between a theme color and a desired random colour? Thanks again.

If u want to set fix color for the text, Just step 5, please refer above pic2, just set the text color.

For theme Color, You can refer below,

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Excellent. Thanks a lot for providing important information. I shall come back after trying to apply colour on my temperature text. Once I become successful I shall let you know. Thanks again. Asad.

I tried what you said. But could not successfully apply a color to the Weather complication text. The temperature value displayed on my Galaxy 6 Classic watch shows it in white color. I am attaching screenshots. Please note that the “text” shows in color on the WFS, but the watch face itself shows white. Would you please check it for me? Also, see the real watch face screenshot where the temperature value is in white. Thanks.


Can u please click the Circle Complication(Above text) on left panel, and send me another print screen?

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I think you are using the color for only one complication layout. If you are sure which layout will be provided by the complication provider you can do this. But if you are not sure about the layout, you need to change the color for all layouts.
If you can, please share a sample project for helping you more accurately.

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Please see the attachment. Thanks.

The weather provider provides Icon and Text so you need to change color for the icon and test layout (Short text 2nd layout). Please try.

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If your complication only want to support Single line text,
Click the “x” to delect other. Only remain the single text line, then Click the text and set color.
Screenshot 2024-07-12 at 1.10.35 PM

If ur complication wanna support more type, you need to set all text color one by one.
Eg, in ur printscreen, there r 4 type of complications,

U need to set text color 4 times for all complication.
Step1. Click Circle complication,
Step2, Select type(2a),
Step3, Click Text, → set text color
Repeat above step for second complication type
Step1. Click Circle complication,
Step2, Select type(2b),
Step3, Click Text, → set text color
…repeat for all type…

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You are perfect! Done. Thanks a lot. Asad.

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Thanks. Probably you are correct. I will try it later. Thanks again.