Text complications showing as Icon + Text

Hello, this is my first post so let me know if I’m breaking any rules here.

I’m designing a watch face that is meant to only use text based complications. In the preview within the application, the complications appear as I would want them, but when running them on my watch they appear with an icon. Is this a known issue, and if so how can I fix it?

Here are screenshots of the preview and then the face running on the watch:


Hey, I had this issue and the only way I could resolve it was in the complications settings.

To do this, click the complication, then on the right, under properties, first ensure “fixed” is set, and scroll down to the bit where you can see the different layouts available (with headings like “short text”, “icon”, etc.) and remove all the layouts from that list that you dont want (theres a tiny “x” on the top of each layout) leaving the only one you have selected. Try to preview the watch and see if it makes a difference!

This helped a ton, thank you!