Complication shows in editor but not in emulator

Using watch face studio for the first time. I added a circle complication with an image that looks like a motorcyle gas guage. I add a hand to it, and based it upon battery percentage. It looks great in the editor, but I don’t see it in the emulator/run. I set the complication to fixed, and made the default provider be the watch battery, and now it shows in the emulator as a battery icon in the emulator. I click the icon and it then displays

"Complication Slot" is opened

What have I not done?

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Hi welcome to the forum, complication in wfs doesnt work like that. You cant add things to it. And only certain complications can be tested on the emulator (shows its values) and when click will just show “complication slot open” to tell u that u can open a shotcut to the complication. As wfs doesnt have a full emulator its preview just give u a image guide on how it will look like on the watch.

To fully test it out u need to install into your watch.
Via “run on device”

To use a guage or image for your task. Use tag expressions instead

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@Lee forgot to add to do your guage beside using tag expressions and if you want to make it clickable you can try the tap “action” feature.

This might help u