Outside temperature complication default font size is very small

I am trying to display temperature on the watch face using the complication. It works and show the temperature on the watch. I am using WFS to do this. Now the problem is that the default font of the complication data display is very tiny on the watch face. I did set a larger font in WFS, but the font size in the complication display did not increase on the real watch face. I would appreciate it if you could give me a solution or a pointer to a solution. I am testing my WFS watch faces on my Galaxy 6 Classic. Thanks. Asad.

Hi Asad,

I think I know what your problem is. Set the appropriate font and size for all 4 versions.
Screenshot 2024-06-30 at 09.33.24

Thank you. But I cannot get the desired result. I have increased TEXT and Title fonts but the display is still small. Also, I want to remove the cloud image, but it seems impossible. Please see the attached images. However, maybe I did not understand your advice. What did you mean by all 4 versions? Thanks again. Asad.


  • Choose the circle complication.
  • set the font / font size for all 4 variations (weather maybe uses 2, but it’s better if you set them all)


Your advice was great. Now all are working well. How did you know this technique? The technique was critical but worked as desired—lots of thanks. Just another question, do you know how to remove the cloud image on the watch face? I would like to remove the cloud image because it takes some space. Only a value like “28 \deg” is okay for me. Thanks again. Asad.

I have been making dials for a long time

Click the little triangle, than hide the icon, but maybe that won’t work

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If it doesn’t work, try turning these two off as well

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I tried 1st method but it didn’t work. I will try the other method along with the 1st method. I will let you know the results. Thanks. Asad

Thank you a lot-the 2nd method you mentioned worked well for my Galaxy 6 Classic watch. Now the complication font size has increased.
You may please see a screenshot of the watch face.

Could you please tell me how to apply a font colour to the temperature value text through complication window? In my case, the complication text font colour is always white even I apply other colours. Thank you.

Did you try with theme color palette?

Thanks. I am not sure about the theme colour. Can you please tell me more about it. I saw there the theme colour option but I didn’t know the difference between applying a desired colour and the theme colour. Would you please tell me about it? Thanks again.