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So for context… I first started this watch face in Galaxy Watch Studio… then I resumed working on that .gwd file in Watch Face Studio. I am trying to finish up this watch face, but now when I try to add complications they wont appear on the mini-Run area where you can Open Run Window to see. I am able to add and instantly see any of these components (non-complication): text, image, shape, progress bar, animation, multimedia, analog hands, index, digitcal clock, BUT none of the complications are visible when added. Is there something dumb I am not catching? The complication I am adding are moved forward and not hidden or obstructed

ALSOOOO would anyone know the app ID for the built in stopwatch on GW5?

I"m confused.

You can’t use a .gwd file in Watch Face Studio. do you mean you imported the resources from a .gwd file?

They only import resources no GWD complications are imported. Watch Face Studio complications are a totally different thing than GWS has for complications. You can’t import them. If I misunderstood please provide more information maybe a screen shot.

using of App IDs is allowed but the app may not be available on every brand so I only recommend using that for personal use. Instead you should use a Long Text complication and App Shortcut for the default Provider.

but if you want you for App ID’s try running simple adb commands

adb connect (your watch IP address & enable debugging)
adb shell
pm list packages

You will get an output list like this

The app ID is after package:

Or go to Play Store and download the Package names app . open it and you will see the apps that are installed on your phone.

Hope this helps

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Yes you are correct. I imported the GWD resources. After I import that into GWStudio and try adding any complication it doesn’t appear in the mini-Run window… any clue why?

I’ll try that app ID stuff thanks

There is no import complications from Galaxy Watch Studio to Watch Face Studio

Are you saying a complication like Long Text doesn’t show up in the run window that may be because you don’t have a default provider. or didn’t fill in any of the exemplar text boxes so there is nothing to show. That is what the end user would see.

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Will do @r.liechty_SDP

@Ballozi you did this in Gilas. Do you mind sharing your technique?

Yes, after importing gwd resource and using GWS to add a new complication, all the complication types I try adding do not appear. I don’t know what a default provider means :\ can you explain that more? I tried adding text and icons to all the complication types and none of them appear visible over the gwd resource

It’s just an image overlay into a hollow bitmap font.

Thank you I’ll try this.

Thanks for the image it helped…

Long Text 1 shows Nothing without a default Long Text Battery shows what you see when a default provider is set. (this case to the battery.

You have to click on the complication to change settings not the individual components grouped in it.

Also you need to know that any icon, or text you put in the settings are exemplar’s they do not show on the watch only what the complication creator uses shows.

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Okay I feel dumb now haha. Thank you!!! Got the complications working now :slight_smile:

Also do you mind rephrasing this? “Also you need to know that any icon, or text you put in the settings are exemplar’s they do not show on the watch only what the complication creator uses shows.”

I think you mean that even if I select a “small image” and upload it… the icon that will appear is the app I end up choosing on the watch to customize it with?

Correct the icon and text boxes for the complications are just so you can see in the build Window what it would look like for placement. They will not be used on the actual watch. However, fonts and colors should be used.

A Wear OS app may also have a complication for the watch face but not all apps do.

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