Connecting watch to phone with sdboverbt

I created my watch face on galaxy watch studio, I try to select ( run on device ) I’m able to see my zflip3 under scan devices, I have turned on developer on my phone i have the seboverbt app but every time I connect my active2 and now my galaxy watch5 it will not stay connected long enough… to scan on to the computer so i can test out the watch face, i even deleted the developer file off my laptop and redownload it and I deleted sdboverbt app off my phone to see if maybe it was a app issue, seriously what am I doing wrong? I try to upload my watch face threw seller and can’t even get my email registered … i did it to see if i can try out my watch face threw there what am I doing wrong :frowning:

Hello, maybe to test, you could connect directly over wi-fi instead of the BT app.
Edit: Sorry, I forgot to point out that for GW5 you would have to use different program (watch face studio) for uploading watch faces (aka convert or rebuild the face from galaxy watch studio first).

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two things are wrong
A: Galaxy Watch Studio is for Tizen based Watches and you should use that for your Galaxy Watch Active2 device… but Tizen 5.x no longer allows debugging over SDBoverBT so you need to connect using a Common Wifi network. You cannot have your computer plugged into Ethernet it has to be on the WiFi network and you have to accept an RSA Encryption when your first try to run on the Watch.

You do not have to be connected from watch to mobile to debug so you can have your watch5 connected to your mobile and run on the Active2 if you want.

If you want to use the same watch face on your Watch5 there is a conversion tool that you can use.

Galaxy Store Watch Face Designers is a closed ecosystem and only approved Watch Face designers can upload to the store. However, you should be able to register for a Galaxy Store account, it just won’t do you any good for what you want.

If you have further questions let me know. Check out the FAQ 23 on connection issues. but ignore the sdboverbt suggestion it is only for older watches.

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