Continue to get "Read timed out error" on Author Certificate

Can’t seem to get past this issue. Is this app still supported?

Watch Face Studio appears to have fewer features, and I’m not sure it will support creating of watch faces for a Galaxy Watch 42. Is this true?

For Galaxy Watch4 it is Wear OS not Tizen so you create a Java Keystore .jks file not a Tizen Distributor.p12 file.

You also need to use Watch Face Studio not Galaxy Watch Studio.

See this Documentation on how to create keystore certificate. You can use that same certificate for all projects.

Hope this helps.

If you meant you are trying to create a watch face for Galaxy Watch 3 or older running Tizen 4.x then the issue is that the Samsung Seller Portal to Tizen org is timing out (our server error) and it is being worked on.


From what I’ve seen on other posts, fixing this issue doesn’t seem to be a priority. Been an issue for a long time. I might be wrong.

I’d really like to develop a face for my older Galaxy 3 Watch. When I look at Watch Face Studio compared to Galaxy Watch Studio, Face Studio seems to have a lot less features. I’m creating a watch face that have images for the digital numbers on face, and I don’t see that option available on Face Studio.

I download a lot of faces from the Galaxy Store for my Galaxy 3. Are these all designed using Galaxy Watch studio? or is there a different tool people are using fro these more complex watch faces?

The issue with the time out getting the Developer Certificate has been resolved.

Be sure you are connected to the watch (Run on Device) before you try to create a Certificate.

Galaxy Watch Studio had 4+ years development time compared to less than 2 years for Watch Face Studio. It also was specific to only Samsung Watches so it could access Samsung Health and have built in complications for that.

Forget about Watch Face Studio if you have Galaxy Watch 3 or older. Watch Face Studio does not create a compatible binary for Galaxy Watch3 and older watches. You have to use Galaxy Watch Studio.

There are multiple ways to have a digital watch like the one shown in both GWS and WFS be more specific and the designers will help you.