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Hi - Just jumping in as a newbie to create watch faces for myself. I created a complication that converts steps to miles (using a formula that I found from this forum). However I tried to copy and paste the formula (just like you would do any other copy and paste) but I wound up having to enter the formula manually and made a couple of mistakes which I corrected. How would I just copy and paste the formula to avoid the errors in the first place?

Also, I added customizable complication fields for Weather and Feels Like Temperature. However, I can’t seem to get the numbers to be the size I want them to be despite making the text appearance size large and enlarging the size of the box containing the complication. What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will gladly provide further information and/or screen shots if needed. Thanks!

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Could you please share what is the issue you are facing with the copy and paste? Sorry I don’t understand the problem.

The complication has some properties. If you choose a complication and deploy it in your watch, the watch automatically selects the appropriate layout based on the complication provider.

To implement one specific layout only, you must remove the unwanted layouts from the layout list. Or you can change the properties for all layouts.
This is some sort of complex, in this concern, here is a blog to manage this. Please check out this blog: Things to Consider when Designing Complication Layouts


Thank you for your reply. For the formula, I highlight the formula that I want to use, right click on it and select copy. Then I go to the Text field, right click again and try to paste but nothing happens, it won’t paste the formula into the field.

As far as the complication goes, I did look at the link that you provided (thanks!) but it didn’t address what I was talking about. I am trying to add a complication for weather, feels like, and battery. However, the print for all is tiny and I don’t know how to enlarge it. I’ve seen other watch faces where the print for these complications is larger but don’t know how to make mine larger.

Thanks for your help!

@niagara94 . I am not very experiance with the Complications that show on the Face . I find the Makers of them do not follow all the Rules . I am using them Hidden for now .
I always use Mouse Clicks for everything but They do not work on WFS . I have to use Keyboard shortcuts . After highlighting what I want .

ctrl + X = Cut

ctrl + C = Copy

ctrl + V = Paste

ctrl + A = Select All

Ther are many many others but my Brain will not allow me to remember .


Thank you so much for the help. It’s good to know that I need to use keyboard shortcuts, very helpful! Thanks!

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I us always a Pleasure to try help . :+1::star2: