Text/icon size in circular complication

Regardless of the icon dimensions, or text font size I set in a circular complication (initially set to ‘empty’), when I subsequently customise it on the watch to, for example, weather, the text and icon are always the same size. And too small. Am I misunderstanding something?

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Ive changed the size of the icon by highlighting the shape and expanding by dragging. But only on battery. I cant get weather. How are you doing that?

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Once you have downloaded the watchface to the watch, with an empty complication, tap and hold the watchface to customise it. Then click the empty complication and choose from the huge list.


Watch face studio is just a mess.

No kidding. It was the same with GWS, I think. I’m getting this figured out though. I only make watch faces for me, I don’t sell, so I could go to Facer or something but, as bad as it is, I prefer the Samsung app. Not sure why…

Yes. Same for me. It’s just frustrating when the only tools which are easily accessible are not really fit for purpose!

Oh thats nice! I miss snow! Sometimes. How’d you get the weather to show temp? Are you using the stock wx or Accuweather?

It’s just the stock weather.

I get this at the bottom and the text doesn’t adjust.

GOT IT! You have to use the circle complication slot! I’ve been using the box.

As the complication layout is automatically selected as per the complication provider. So we don’t know which layout will be selected. For this reason, you have to set every layout size individually. For example, for your test case, you have to resize the Text layout only. But after deploying on the watch the watch battery provider provides icon and text so it will select the icon and text layout. As you have not resized the icon and text so the default size is shown on the watch.
Check my images below. I have resized the icon and text layout also which is why my text size on the watch shows 48 pixels.

You can check this thread.

If you find any bug please share it in the support channel.

Do you have an example showing a successful resize of the weather icon and text?

Do you mean this one?

So, just to be clear, I have to resize all the elements of each of the different types. Not just the one I selected for the watch?

Yes. You can check this blog Things to Consider when Designing Complication Layouts | Samsung Developers to learn more about complication layout.

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That’s all really helpful. Thank you.

Is there a way to make weather, for example, a fixed complication? It’s not in the default provider drop-down list.

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I resized in WFS through trial and error since it doesn’t show up on the example watch face. Here are my dimensions that I settled on. Notice there is no weather icon on the sample face (red circle).