Mapping Complication fields Watch Face Studio

Hi All,
Is there any document that will show me what Complication fields are mapped to application output?
e.g. If I have a Long Text Complication and customise it to the World Date, what will the icon, Title and Text be? What will populate the Icon and Text if I use Short Text with Weather etc.

I have been creating watch faces and just playing with the fields on my watch, but wanted to know if it was documented anywhere.


Welcome to this forum. Did you check the official guide for Watch face Studio?
You can check this Blog, may be you will get some help.

As far as I can tell each complication writer can have any of the layouts they don’t need to have them all.

See this thread it has some useful information

Pixel Watch not honoring complication layout settings - Watch Face Studio - Samsung Developers Community

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Thanks Ron and Boshra. I’ll continue with my trial and error approach