Creating Accurate Shapes - Circles

Am looking to create shapes, such as a semi circle /arc to rotate as the second hand, or progress of steps. Being new to all this, I have been trying Krita to design circles. When importing into GWD it isn’t rotating perfectly! Is there a function to make sure I measure the circle to the correct measurements (assume this to be 360x360 px) as I can’t find a way to do this?

To create an arc or semi circle I use the eraser tool, is this the most practical way of doing this?


Hi @tif1587044240,
I never used Krita but I think whatever tools you use to design your circle it should be in PNG format and the dimension should be appropriate to work perfectly in GWD. For example, for the second hand to rotate perfectly in GWD, the height must be 360px.
To know the measurement (I think you mean the dimension) of your PNG file, just right click on the PNG file then Properties->Details, here you can see the dimension (Width and height).

I don’t know what do you mean by eraser tool but to create any kind of design for GWD you can use any tools you like.


Thanks Azad

I’m guessing most programmes have similar standard features. I can’t figure out how to get the dimensions to show up as I am creating the shape, as it doesn’t seem to snap to the ruler!

I have set the page to 360x360, but as you say, the shape should be, but I guess more importantly, if a circle it need to be uniform, which I can’t seem to figure out yet, as I can drag the shape down and across, but have no reference as to whether it’s an actual circle or eliptical!

If you want to use some images of circles or arcs and rotate them around their center inside GWD, make sure they are centered in the image it self first. Avoid using uneven sizes, the image has to be symetrical in both directions. I think you should search on google or YouTube for some tutorial, how to use your image creating tool for that. Something like this

Cheers Peter

I’m very much a trial and error person and do look up videos, just not actually looked up any on Krita as it happens, but will do. Appreciate the advice. Not sure how many developers are coming from a design background over a tech background? So many excellent designs that I see and wished I had that imagination and ability to create.

Im more a tech person. Glad to think of how things could work, but don’t ask me how to make them look pretty.
Actually I didnt know about that Krita program until today. I was editing my images in Gimp for some time.

I looked at Gimp to begin with, then came across Krita, which I have found somewhat easier.