Import graphic failing

I am using GIMP to create a basic watch hand, it’s a fading circle.

The size is 360x360, exported as .png

When I try to import as a watch hand, the dialog shows what I have created (image1)

When it’s imported, it distorts (image2)

The original looks fine in preview (image3)

(image4) is the detail on my Mac

What am I doing wrong?


Hi @GlasBeard,
I have no idea why is this happening but what I can do is to check your watch hand image at my end if you can share the image.


Hi Azad

That’s very much appreciated. Image attached.

I tried to also share the .xcf file but I can’t share the type of file on here. Can send directly somehow if that helps?

thank you


So, to further add to this, I have fully uninstalled GIMP and GWS, including all library associated files, rebooted etc and then reinstalled both apps as new.

Issue still persists. Some images load ok, and I now suspect anything with either a gradient or a fade is causing this issue.

Not ideal for a basic image to not work like this.

Have raised the issue with Samsung Developers directly, however, not convinced they will be able to help. Personally I think GWS is bugged…

Hi @GlasBeard,

The image you have attached works just fine at my end. See the result. I can’t understand why it doesn’t work on your system. You may try renaming it and make sure the format should be PNG.


Hi Azad

Thanks for checking this. It’s very confusing.

I’ve been in touch with Samsung Developers now also and they confirm my file works ok on their system, so some more files sent to them so see what they come back with.

Thanks again.

Hi GlasBeard,

What are your display settings. I’ve seen reports with high res monitors of some distortion in the preview window.

Samsung Developer Program