Current Version Plus Program Runs Slow

Hi - I am brand new to using Galaxy Watch Studio. I am running version 2.0.0 (beta). I’m wondering if this is the current version and if there is a “non beta” version. I’m running this on Windows 10 64 bit. It runs extremely slow. Any ideas as to why? Thanks!

GWS 2.0 is the last version of Galaxy Watch Studio unless there is one final update. Watch Face Studio is for the newer Watch4.

Samsung lists (almost?) all of it’s free tools as “Beta”

It is slow partly because it runs on Java based IDE but it really isn’t that slow for a development tool. They are inherently slow.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you for your reply and your help. I know that you said slow is normal for development tools. With mine it takes a few seconds to catch up sometimes. Like when I move an object I have to wait to see what my movements have done. Was that the kind of slow that you meant? I wasn’t sure if what I was experiencing was the “normal” slowness or if it was unusual. Thanks again!

As Ron said, a little delay is normal, it is generated mainly with increasing layers and especially if you have many texts with formulas, they also affect the weights of the quality of the images

Thank you for your reply. I do realize that delay is normal. Is the type of delay described in my last post the kind of delay that you are talking about? Just wondering. Thanks!