Curved text getting cut on the watch


I am using a curved text to display day/date. I have set the dimensions of the text to 450 x 450 and checked “Apply Curved-Text” and set the curved text dimensions to 430 x 430. The preview works great in the watch face studio but for some dates, the text is getting cut on the actual watch.

Usually reducing the font size helps with it but I do not want to do this.

Any idea why this happens? Any solution for this?

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Both text and curved must de the samen size.

I’ve also noticed this happening sometimes, and found that just adding space behind the text helps.

For instance, my curved text was “[HR] BPM”, which looked good in WFS, but on the actual watch it looked like “[HR] BP”.
Same issue with steps, text was “[SC] steps”, which showed “[SC] step” on the watch.
After changing the text to "[HR] BPM " and "[SC] steps ", the issue was gone.

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I had done the same work around adding an additional space. I also found it depended on the font I was using.

Thank you. I will try out the space solution.

Yes, it certainly depends on the font used.

@enkei_design @VizFX
can anyone upload a .wfs file that dev team can check the issue which needs additional space?
You can change .wfs to .zip to upload it here.

Thank you!

Can you push this to the wfs dev team too ?
This is some wrong behavior of curved text when using withing custom complication (LONG_TEXT, SHORT_TEXT, RANGED_VALUE). Basically same as others wrote. Text being cropped (DOTTED) on watch (587.0 KB)


ON WATCH: STEPS, MOON PHASE, EVENT, basically every data provided

onwatch (1) onwatch (2) onwatch (3)


I fully support!
I have the same problem

It will be fixed in new version of WFS:

The ellipsis(DOTTED) for text overflowed in the complication is intended because watch face doesn’t know how long text will be put in the text of the complication.
But the issue you reported was a bug that wrong calculation the region of curved text in the complication.
It will be resolved in the next version of WFS as @phdzor mentioned.

Thank you.

Thanks @sinjae . Great news :slight_smile: