Curved text in line complication

how can I curve events in line complication?
because the event wouldn’t curve.
thank you

You can select the text and used curve text.
Take not that you got to removed unwanted layouts or change all layout text

it did curve in the work area in the watch face studio. but not in the watch 6.
where do u think is the problem?
Thank you.

U didnt removed or set it for all layouts

Wonder u read my guide? Before?

no I didn’t remove anything and I read ur guide.
only on the watch is showing straight but not curved.
Even I just tried all the complications… the same…
it does show working on my laptop but it doesn’t curve on the watch 6.

it does work on the watch 6 perfectly ONLY for normal text and curved.
but not in the complications I just mentioned.
Thank you.

You doing something wrong guide says remove all other layout and since you didnt that what u missing

What u mean u tried all the complication? For a single complication change all text to curve…

If you just select one then change…then create another then change that its wrong!!!

Meaning the watch is not selecting the layout u think its using

My works fine.

If still same or dont understand post your wfs i check
If u doing it right

You were right Knightwing,
I was leaving the rest the choices of ( Tex, or Icons, or both it without deleting the rest) on the right menu.
it worked now. all complications are working.
Thank you so much